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Avid Introduces 3-Democracy Campaign

Avid Technology announced new pricing for its SOFTIMAGE|XSI product line, ushering in 3-Democracy, the company's plan for making its comprehensive 3D content creation software accessible to all levels of CG professionals. Now a greater number of artists can purchase the award-winning 3D software in three new affordable configurations, starting with the unprecedented price of $495 for SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Foundation.

Moreover, the new pricing structure is designed to allow easy access into the Avid computer graphics production pipeline, which ties together Softimage, Alienbrain's digital asset management and Avid's nonlinear editing tools in an integrated CG production environment.

"We're truly democratizing the world of 3D content creation - in both functionality and affordability," said Joe Bentivegna, vp of video development and operations for Avid. "Any creative artist, student, freelancer or facility owner who thought SOFTIMAGE|XSI wasn't within reach can now begin using the most comprehensive and feature-rich 3D animation tools on the market. More importantly, customers who choose XSI will have the distinct advantage of leveraging the integration between our industry-leading Alienbrain digital asset management solutions and nonlinear film and video editing tools. No other company can offer CG professionals this type of interoperable workflow and end-to-end production efficiency."

SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 software is now available in the following three scalable configurations:

* SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Foundation for $495: Designed for individual 3D professionals, this version includes extensive polygon modeling tools, industry-leading Subdivision Surfaces and the revolutionary nonlinear animation and interactive rendering toolset. The software is currently available from the Softimage Website ( or from authorized Softimage resellers. A 30-day trial version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Foundation is also available at:

* SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Essentials for $1,995: a powerful, customizable professional-grade package with all the flexibility and customization for an integrated pipeline environment, including Rigid & Soft Body Dynamics, the advanced character rig systems and SDK, and the Custom Display Host. SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Essentials is currently available from authorized Softimage resellers.

* SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Advanced for $6,995: the premier vfx package from Softimage, featuring deep customization features and flexibility. With an expansive feature set that includes professional compositing; resolution-independent paint, hair and fur; Syflex cloth; and terrific rendering power, SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Advanced is one of the most complete 3D production solution for film, games and full-service commercial and post houses. SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Advanced is also currently available from authorized Softimage resellers.

For a limited time, all new purchases of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 will also ship with the Softimage Production Series, a complete suite of professional training DVDs providing nearly 50 hours of materials that currently sell for about $200.

Customers working on complex CG productions - including games, films, simulation, broadcast and postproduction projects - can experience significant workflow advantages by building an end-to-end Avid Computer Graphics production pipeline around SOFTIMAGE|XSI software. The environment can be customized with a combination of product offerings to meet a wide range of budgetary and content creation needs, and can include systems such as Alienbrain Studio software for digital asset management and Avid DS Nitris systems for advanced film and video editing, compositing and finishing. Customers using this type of end-to-end CG production environment can:

* Easily transfer media created with Avid editing systems in the industry-standard AAF/MXF format to SOFTIMAGE|XSI software;* Render 3D graphics from SOFTIMAGE|XSI software directly into Avid editing systems;* Export render pass layers from FX Trees created in SOFTIMAGE|XSI software directly into Avid DS Nitris systems for final compositing and finishing;* Leverage Avid DNA hardware (e.g., Avid Mojo) for realtime viewing of 3D-rendered sequences on a client monitor;* Track media assets created with any version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI software throughout the production pipeline with Alienbrain software;* Use Alienbrain software to control versions of 3D media assets (scenes, textures, etc.) independently or natively within the SOFTIMAGE|XSI application;* Combine the flexible reference management system of SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and the powerful asset management of Alienbrain software to create truly collaborative and secure 3D workflows; and,* Leverage Alienbrain software's graphic interface to quickly search for and preview files currently in production.

During SIGGRAPH 2004, Avid will demonstrate its 3D animation, digital asset management, and nonlinear video editing and finishing solutions in booth #1547 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Aug. 10-12. The company will also offer introductory, hands-on training sessions for the SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Alienbrain Studio, Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Xpress Studio systems in booth #1561.

Avid Technology, Inc. is a world leader in digital nonlinear media creation, management and distribution solutions, enabling film, video, audio, animation, games and broadcast professionals to work more efficiently, productively and creatively.