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Avalanche Of Updates In The Theatrical Release Database

This week in the Theatrical Release Database, we have a massive avalanche of new pages as well as new trailers and a few detail updates. For comic fans, we have new pages for X4: X-MEN 4, MEASLE AND THE WRATHMONK, TOMMYSAURAUS REX, JINX, BOOKS OF MAGIC, HELLBOY II, NICK FURY, BLACK PANTHER, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR. In the same superhero vain, we have the trailers for THE INCREDIBLES, HERO, THE CHRONICLE OF RIDDICK and CONSTANTINE. Plus, we have the U.S. release date for INNOCENCE: GHOST IN A SHELL 2. In other U.S. release date news, check out the page for Spain's EL CID: THE LEGEND. Before you head out to theaters, you can check out the newest SHREK 2 trailer as well as the latest info on SHREK 4. The other films making their debuts in the TRDB include DEATH, JR., MAYA, OPEN SEASON, A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3, JUNGLE CRUISE, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, TEKKEN and DONNIE DARKO: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT. As for new trailers, you can check out SHARK TALE, KING ARTHUR, SEED OF CHUCKY, THE STEPFORD WIVES and THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE. Plus check out the director on SPY-HUNTER, title and date changes for THE GREAT RAID and a date shift for INDIANA JONES 4.

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