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Auto.Des.Sys Releases Form.Z 3.8

auto.des.sys Inc. has released form.Z 3.8 which replaces form.Z 3.8g that was originally shipped in May. Although only a gamma version, the reception of version 3.8g has been like a "warm welcome home," said Alexandra Yessios, vice president of sales and marketing at auto.des.sys. form.Z is a hybrid solid and surface 3D modeler that combines polygonal with smooth parametric modeling under a single roof. It is complemented by drafting, photo-realistic rendering, Radiosity, walk through animation and advanced CAD capabilities. It includes Boolean operations, dynamic 3D form editing and sculpting, objects with multiple parametric personalities, namely NURBS, ACIS, Bezier/Coons patches, analytic primitives, polygonal objects, and metaballs, 3D Text, object rounding, symbol instances and libraries, deformations, stairs, helical objects, spherical objects, screws and bolts, unfolded objects, terrain modeling, customizable key commands, selective/unlimited undos, over twenty import/export formats and many other features. auto.des.sys, also announced the support of VET, through its export to the MTS format, in the very near future. "This represents a most direct way for creating 3D Web content from form.Z models, something our users have been requesting in recent months," said David Kropp, senior vice president for development.

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