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Autodesk to Unveil New Versions of Gameware Products at GDC 2012

Autodesk plans to unveil new versions of its gameware products, including an enhanced solution for mobile game development and an expanded artificial intelligence (AI) toolset, at GDC 2012.

Press release from Autodesk, Inc.:

SAN RAFAEL, CA -- At Game Developer's Conference (GDC) 2012, Autodesk, Inc. plans to unveil new versions of its Autodesk Gameware products, including an enhanced solution for mobile game development and an expanded artificial intelligence (AI) toolset. During the show, Autodesk will showcase how its latest game development solutions are helping to streamline the creation of captivating AAA, MMO, mobile and casual games -- offering product demonstrations, sponsored sessions and Autodesk MasterClasses by product and industry experts, both live in San Francisco (booth #1432, North Hall), and on its AREA community site at .

The Gameware product line encompasses Autodesk's game development technology and is comprised of Autodesk Scaleform user interface solution, Autodesk Kynapse AI middleware, Autodesk Beast lighting solution and Autodesk HumanIK animation middleware.

Learn From the Experts

Various game developers will offer a sneak peek into upcoming games at the Autodesk booth #1432, while sharing how Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) software and Gameware products helped develop "London 2012TM - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games" (SEGA Studios Australia); "Far Cry 3" (Ubisoft); "DUST 514" (River for UI development); "Fortnite" (Epic Games); and "Twin Spin" (GlobZ). Presentations will also be offered about the development of hit titles "Killzone 3" (Guerilla Games); "Gears of War 3" (Epic Games); and "Infinity Blade II" (Epic Games), among others. In addition, Autodesk will unveil its own proof-of-concept game, "Hyperspace Madness," developed to showcase the company's proposed Project Skyline technology and Gameware products. Beginning March 7, all booth presentations will be available live and on-demand on AREA TV.

Show attendees can learn from product experts and industry leaders in seven different Autodesk-sponsored sessions. The sessions will provide: • An overview of the development of "Killzone 3" using Autodesk Maya software • A look into the Epic Games rigging pipeline using Maya for "Gears of War 3" and the "RAAM’s Shadow" game add-on, as well as the development of an enhanced, adaptable pipeline for development of mobile hit “Infinity Blade II” and other future projects • Insight into the development of "Twin Spin," an upcoming title for the iOS platform, using Autodesk's enhanced mobile game development solution • An overview of how Autodesk Gameware products can help developers create more compelling gameplay • A demonstration of the latest version of Autodesk's Project Skyline, proposed future technology for authoring game animation and behaviors that unites the worlds of artists and programmers • Tips and tricks about the Maya Python API and the Autodesk 3ds Max software .NET API enhancements

Three free online MasterClasses are also being offered on AREA, covering tips and tricks for creating game environment assets in 3ds Max; facial animation and retargeting for games using custom tools with the Maya API; and 3D math for game artists. More information about the Autodesk-sponsored sessions and free MasterClasses is available at .

Get Hands On With Autodesk

In the hands-on area of the Autodesk booth, showgoers can interact with Autodesk DEC software and Gameware products, assisted by company product experts. Attendees can also play Autodesk's "Hyperspace Madness" proof-of-concept game, along with other mobile games developed with Autodesk technology: "Twin Spin" (GlobZ); "Frontline Commando" (Glu Games); and "Band Together" (Red Engine Productions, Inc).

Game developers can also connect with Autodesk on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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