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Autodesk Holds Ninth Annual 3December Events

From Dec. 3-7, Autodesk will hold its 3December events to celebrate 3D artists and their creations. For the ninth consecutive year, these events will provide Autodesk 3D software users with the opportunity to share their work, learn and network.

"Members of the 3D community around the world are continuously breaking down barriers and raising the bar with amazing computer-generated work in film, television, games and all forms of visual communication," said Marc Petit, SVP, Autodesk Media & Ent. "Every year, we hold 3December to honor these artists and celebrate the amazing art they create with our solutions."

Autodesk's Media & Ent. 3D products include the latest acquisition, Mudbox digital sculpting software, 3ds Max, Maya and MotionBuilder.

Throughout the week, Autodesk's Area community website will serve as an online venue for this celebration. Area will offer a variety of free content, including videos, tutorials, galleries and downloads to more than150,000 registered members. Artists can register to become a member of the community for free at

Autodesk will also host several live events:* Atlanta, Dec. 3: Bill Harper of The Dreamhive will showcase workcreated in Mudbox, and Turner Studios will demonstrate recently completedbroadcast graphics, as well as work created by local artists.* Toronto, Dec. 4: The event will feature presentations by AutodeskPrincipal Scientist Duncan Brinsmead, and Dave Cardwell, co-creator ofMudbox,* Los Angeles, Dec. 6: Sony Pictures Imageworks will present its workon BEOWULF.

In addition, Autodesk Animation User Group Assoc. (AAUGA) chapterswill hold 3December chapter meetings in numerous cities, including London, Dallas and Minneapolis.

Registration is required for 3December events. For event details and toregister, visit: