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Austin’s D7 Studios Releases Animated Series Free Online

D7 Studios has launched the first chapter of its new animated adventure series, D7PEACEMAKER REVELATION, in multi-platform release, including High Definition, DVD, iPod and Internet download at The online version of the series allows the viewer to watch and interact with additional scenes, giving more insight into specific characters and foreshadow events to come.

D7PEACEMAKER REVELATION (OVA) Season One is a series of 45-minute episodes divided into seven-and-a-half-minute chapters for optimal viewing over the Internet and mobile, electronic devices. D7 Studios will be periodically releasing online installments at no charge as episodes are completed. Available formats include IPOD, PSP, HD, standard WMV and MOV and DVD. As chapters are completed, they will be combined into full-length episodes, along with special features, and released on DVD and HD-DVD.

The series follows military scientist, Grayfin Henmore, who sets a deadly plan in motion to overthrow the U.S. government and begin World War III using the Book of Revelation as his guide. The only one who can stop him is a young college student, Ashley Tomei, who is haunted by vivid dreams that depict the Revelations before they happen. Although Grayfin has already been captured by government officials (The Republic of Texas), Ashley has no understanding of her connection or why enemies continue to attack her. Ashley must decipher her cryptic visions to find the truth and stop the dominoes of war that have already begun to fall hard.

D7PEACEMAKER is written, directed and animated by D7 co-founder/creative director Arik Renee Avila. D7s producers, Tony Hobdy and Robin Bookwalter, had a two-fold focus make the story and production quality amazing, and have as many people as possible watch the show and post their feedback.

The D7PEACEMAKER REVELATION series is created using Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premier Pro, QuickTime, Particle Illusion and LightWave.

Award-winning Dallas composer Bruce Faulconer and CakeMix Recording have teamed up with D7 to score and handle audio production for the groundbreaking-series. Faulconer is known for his composing skill and sound design work on the very popular animated series, DRAGONBALL Z, airing on Cartoon Network, and he and his team of sound engineers are the ones producing all voice over, sound effects and music for the D7PEACEMAKER REVELATION series.

D7 Studios ( is an established animation studio founded in Austin, Texas, in 2002, creating quality animated science fiction/fantasy, series, film and videogaming cinematics. The studio and its team offer a full range of 2D and 3D animation capabilities for animated feature film and television production. D7 Studios work has received critical acclaim including its creation of the first-ever animated Coke/NASCAR commercial and theatrical trailer for the Daytona 500, broadcast nationally in movie theaters in 2005.

Faulconer Productions Music Corp., known for its work on various television networks, including the Cartoon Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HDNet and the Discovery Channel, is a full-service scoring and sound design company providing all aspects of audio for feature film, video and various HD formats. Faulconer and his studios have received numerous awards and commendations for his original music, sound editing and sound design for television, feature film and commercials. For more details, please visit its websites and