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AudioGaming Launches AudioWeather

The first innovative plug-in from AudioGaming, AudioWeather, will be launched at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2012 in San Francisco.

Press release from AudioGaming:

The first innovative plug-in from AudioGaming, AudioWeather, will be launched at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2012 in San Francisco. A new kind of revolution, AudioWeather will enable true interactivity between sound and visuals thanks to fast and highly optimized real-time computation and uncompromised audio rendering quality.

Procedural Audio enables a natural scenographic interaction...

AudioGaming has modeled the real behavior of wind and rain sounds into a dynamic and interactive synthesizer. The synthesizer provides high-level, intuitive controls in order to provide natural interfacing with game engines. For the sound designer, the natural interaction between a scene and its parameters will dramatically enhance the speed of sound conception, its dynamic integration as well as the number of sound design possibilities. The interactive audio synthesizers developed by AudioGaming represent an innovative complement to audio samples that can usually impose tedious processes (e dition/tagging/ integration) for interactive media creators.

High quality customizable & controllable sounds...

The intuitive edit window of AudioWeather gives access to sculpting parameters such as tonality and timbre, but also to high level semantic parameters like water droplet size and wind fluctuation variables. An impressive equilibrium between power and mastery for a mind-blowing result!

Three Degrees of Simplicity: Intuitive Interface, Dynamic Interoperability & Reduced CPU. AudioWeather is available through our partner, the renowned interactive audio engine Fmod, and is compatible with most internal sound engines. It has been conceived to integrate easily with various kinds of production pipeline in order to ensure easy implementation and immediate productivity and flexibility gains for all teams involved.

Meet us at Fmod’s booth 1532 for a live demonstration at GDC San Francisco from March 7th to 9th.

About AudioGaming

AudioGaming products are developed by seasoned sound designers and audio programmers hailing from renowned studios and technological companies (Ubisoft, Sony, Voxler). We have extensive knowledge of video games production pipelines, process and requirements. Our goal is to create an innovative generation of audio tools enabling new interaction possibilities, as well as responding to today’s needs of flexibility and productivity. AudioGaming has been incorporated since March 2009. It is a laureate of the French Ministry for Research and Innovation contest in 2009 and 2010.

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