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AudioGaming Drives Sound with AudioMotors Plug-in

AudioGaming releases its new AudioMotors plug-in, a tool to tune, adapt, change or even freeze the RPM of a pre-recorded engine sound.

After the successful release of AudioWind and AudioRain this summer, AudioGaming will commercialize on November 26th its new AudioMotors plug-in. Based on advanced analysis synthesis technics this tool will allow you to tune, adapt, change or even freeze the RPM of a pre-recorded engine sound to create in real-time acceleration, deceleration and rolling sounds covering most of audio post-production needs.

Some Sound design tasks are so demanding that they require very specific tools. AudioGaming, a young French company made of a very passionate team working in the field of procedural audio, develops innovative tools which offer groundbreaking possibilities for the audio post-production pipelines as well as video games. Based on complex analysis and synthesis algorithms, AudioGaming solutions synthesize in real time different types of sound, offering total control over the audio produced.

The new groundbreaking plug-in AudioMotors is the latest result of this approach. Based on advanced analysis and synthesis algorithms, this plug-in opens a new era in terms of engine/motors sound design: Imagine you could analyze your vehicle or engine sounds to use them in a completely different new way: you can now drive them!

From a single recording done on a parking lot, the plug-in is able to generate any engine speed on demand and gives you instant access to any detected RPM seamlessly. Use interior or exterior sounds and use automation in your favorite DAW to get the perfect fit and feel for your vehicle scenes.

You can generate at will any acceleration, deceleration and rolling sounds. Whether it's a hot pursuit or interior rolling sounds while characters are having a conversation, with AudioMotors the audio scene is constructed in seconds!

AudioMotors features:

  • First of its kind analysis-synthesis engine
  • Unrivaled analysis engine that automatically detect RPMs in your recordings
  • Unrivaled real-time advanced synthesis engine precise down to the engine cycle
  • Uses personal recordings & in the future download additional databanks
  • Use interior/exterior sounds with the same quality of results and ensure seamless transitions
  • Use automation to ensure perfect sound alignment within your scene and between scenes
  • Sound design capabilities to generate a wide range of creative sounds
  • VST, AU, RTAS / Windows, MacOSX       

Source: AudioGaming