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Attik Shoots And Designs Two Comcast Spots For Earle Palmer Brown

ATTIK directed and designed the live-action, graphics and an end tag for Periwinkle and In Your Face, a pair of 30-second spots for Philadelphia, Pennsylvanias Earle Palmer Brown and Comcast Corporation. Periwinkle began airing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and the Midwest in mid-April, and In Your Face in mid-May 2001. These are the first two spots in an evolving campaign. Touting Comcast business communications' optical network, both spots feature black and white footage set against an energized band of light in the signature Comcast colors of red and blue and take viewers for an 8-second graphically charged journey down Comcast's broadband pipe. The live-action was shot using 35mm black and white film to give the footage a "silver gelatin print feel." For Periwinkle, ATTIK's production crew set up a 180-degree dolly track so that the camera could circle the cast, explained ATTIK Design Director/Director Eric Smith. The second spot was filmed overnight in order to capture the spectacular view of the city from the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper in the financial district. According to Smith, the graphic sequence is slated to be a branding device for Comcast. "Our intent was to incorporate as much relevant information as we could within the broadband pipe by means of a stylized graphic design. Data is represented by typographical elements such as ASCII code and email headers; Voice patterns are undulating lines of light and sound waves, while the Internet is represented by teleconferencing screens. All of the information rushes towards the camera at the speed of light." Originally launched in the North of England, ATTIK has since expanded to offices in the U.K., the U.S. and Australia.