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ATTIK Races With PlayStation & Infogrames' MotoRacer

ATTIK, a global creative solutions company, produced and designed the new branding campaign to launch the Sony PlayStation game, MOTORACER WORLD TOUR. The campaign contains a 30-second spot with a 15-second cutdown, a full spread and single page print ad, the front cover of the game and its point of purchase packaging. The spot features game footage woven together with typography and a CGI motorcycle. ATTIK designer Chris McCrae said, "We broke the spot into three different scenarios featured predominantly in the game - when the motorcyclist is moving at maximum speed, maximum air or when he's taking a really tight curve. Incorporating the realistic physics of the game, we paused the game footage featuring each of these conditions and cut to a virtual world where all of the factors are analyzed in a graphic environment. The shot exits to the 'real' game world where the viewer sees the outcome - whether the player crashes or lands the jump." The ATTIK creative team included creative director Aporva Baxi, design director Paul Driver, designer Chris McCrae, executive producer Sari Rosen, producer David Herbruck and associate director of client services Steve Lucker. The offline was completed on ATTIK's Media 100 by Chris McCrae who also shot the visuals for the print ad in ATTIK's New York studio. ATTIK utilized Photoshop, AfterEffects, Maya and freehand drawings. Liquid Design (New York, NY) provided the visual effects. Liquid Design staff included senior animator Sean Eno, compositor Gray Miller and creative director Jeff Linnell.

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