ATTIK Animates Preview Of Sony’s Digital Network Recorder

ATTIK shot, designed and produced three 15-second spots previewing Sonys Digital Network Recorder with TiVo service. The product allows TV viewers the chance to record programs digitally while they watch something else. ATTIK creative director/designer/director Aporva Baxi said, "We enhanced the existing agency concept with dynamic animated visuals that were specifically designed to reflect the copy line of each commercial. It was also vital that the visuals appear authentic. Since the back end of Brightness, Preview and Static was similar, we recommended a color palette that would make each spot distinct the background of Brightness is turquoise, Previews is a purple/blue and, in Static, its red." Ad agency Young & Rubicams producer Dante Piacenza said, "ATTIK took the initial concept to a different level of design. Their collaborative efforts and innovative, fresh approach really enhanced the campaign."

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