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AtomShockwave Signs Broadband Syndication Deal

IMagicTV, a provider of software products that allow telephone companies and other service providers to deliver multi-channel television and interactive media services, announced on Tuesday, April 3, 2001, that it has entered into a syndication agreement with AtomShockwave Corp. Under this agreement, AtomShockwave's film and animation brand, AtomFilms, will license and manage short film content for iMagicTV, providing customers with new short film titles each month, each with a 60-day licensing window. This deal enables iMagicTV to package enhanced entertainment content for its customers, telephone companies and other service providers. iMagicTV also intends to exhibit the content at customer and trade show demonstrations and in commercial deployments which utilize the company's video-on-demand (VOD) software. VOD delivers and manages on-demand video services, allowing subscribers to preview, purchase and play videos-on-demand instantly, with fast-forward and rewind capabilities. "By working with AtomFilms to deliver innovative short film content, iMagicTV is facilitating entertainment solutions for service providers which utilize our VOD software," said Gerry Verner, vice president of marketing and business development, iMagicTV. "AtomFilms brings new choice in entertainment to the television with specialty content, allowing service providers to deliver unique quality and value." According to Brian Burke, VP of syndication at AtomShockwave, "This relationship with iMagicTV is a major validation for the quality of AtomFilms' content and our ability to generate revenue by exploring emerging syndication channels. iMagicTV allows us to enter into a new market by delivering our content to telephone companies and other service providers." This new syndication deal comes on the heels of AtomShockwave's recently announced Showtime Networks licensing deal, which will bring up to 100 short films to the recently launched multiplex channel SHOWTIME NEXT.