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Atomfilms Offers Aardman Fans A Cracking Good Time

Wallace & Gromit's CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS, a new series of ten short films from Aardman Animation, premiered online October 15, 2002, on The first episode, titled "Soccamatic," is currently available for free, but on October 22, the entire CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS series will only be available to Atoms online subscribers. CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS marks the first new appearances from Wallace and Gromit in seven years. Each of the ten episodes showcases one of Wallace's ingenious mechanical inventions in storylines that range from one to three minutes apiece. CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS was produced by Nick Park and directed by Chris Sadler and Loyd Price. Besides the debut episode, other installments in the series include "The Snoozatron," "The Bully Proof Vest," "The Tellyscope" and "Shopper 13." For more information on Wallace & Gromit's CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS visit