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AtomFilms Launches Animation Showdown

AtomFilms has launched Animation Showdown, which will allow Netizens the chance to vote on which Webtoon pilot will become the next AtomFilms series. AtomFilms' registered Insiders will select one pilot each month, from now until January, to green light into a series. This month's Animation Showdown features pilots from two studios whose previous works have been aired on AtomFilms. The first, Mongadillo Studios, known for SHAWKS, is presenting THE BOTTLE and the second is HAMMOND RYE, a pilot from Hyperbole Studios, the creators of DOG, BUDDHA, ELVIS. The remaining three pilots are from up-and-coming animators Bradley Anderson, Peter Lacalamita and Kenn McDonald. Professionals as well as undiscovered animators are encouraged to submit Flash animations for Showdown consideration. The winner will receive US$20,000 to develop a series of four Flash animations based on their pilot.

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