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AtomFilms to Launch Digital Cable Channel

AtomTelevision, a new joint venture between Internet short film provider AtomFilms and Global Media Holdings, has announced it will launch a digital network in early 2003 using its extensive library of short films and animation titles. As part of AtomTelevision's debut, the company is announcing the launch of its VOD (video-on-demand) initiative, Atom on Demand. Atom on Demand will provide five one-hour-long programs to Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., the U.S.'s third largest cable company, including an ACADEMY SHORTS package, featuring Oscar-nominated short films and animations, and the ANIMATION SPOTLIGHT -- BEYOND CARTOONS package, showcasing groundbreaking animations in formats ranging from stop-motion to CGI. Cable industry veteran Andrew Tow, founder of Global Media Holdings and former chairman of the cable division for Century Communications Corp., will manage AtomTelevision. In addition to the Comcast VOD deal, AtomTelevision is also in negotiations with several cable operators for carriage of the 24-hour AtomTelevision digital cable channel.