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Atlantyca Lab Teams with Forge Reply on 'Lone Wolf' Game

Atlantyca Lab partners with Forge Reply to develop videogames based on award winning fantasy author Joe Dever’s hugely popular “Lone Wolf” series of game books.

Milan, Italy -- Atlantyca Lab has partnered with Forge Reply to develop videogames based on award winning fantasy author Joe Dever’s hugely popular Lone Wolf series of game books. The announcement was made by Pierdomenico Baccalario, Managing Director of Atlantyca Lab, which is the rights holder of Lone Wolf IP brand.

The deal with Forge Reply lays the foundation for the creation of a new mobile videogame set in the world of Lone Wolf. Forge Reply is developing a wholly new digitorial (digital plus editorial) story system able to set a true next gen gamebook, that combines interactive text with stunning 3D combat scenes and intriguing puzzles, shifting the old reading activity of the books to a totally new digital life. The Lone Wolf mobile videogame will be based on an exciting new story created by Joe Dever which is sure to be enjoyed by Lone Wolf fans of all ages.

The Lone Wolf Videogame is set in the fictional world of Magnamund where forces of good and evil are locked in a bitter struggle for control of this precious planet. Lone Wolf is a cadet in a monastic order of warriors known as the Kai who defend their home of Sommerlund from the forces of evil, embodied by the Darklords of Helgedad.

The original Lone Wolf property consists of an integrated series of 28 adventure gamebooks. The first two books in the series were published simultaneously in July 1984 and sold in excess of 100,000 copies in the first week of release. It became one of the most popular gamebook series of all time, with international sales exceeding 10 million copies.

The official launch of the project and a presentation of the innovative digitorial storytelling system will be made at the Lucca Comics and Games Show, in Lucca, Italy. Author Joe Dever, Forge Reply, and Atlantyca Lab will also be presenting a first look at the artwork and story concepts of this exciting new games system.

Atlantyca LAB is a research and development company borne todiscover and develop projects in the modern trans-media world. The company is a “creativity and talent laboratory” where finally authors, artists, developers can work together to create a new Italian “brand wave”: international products for imaginative kids and young adults that still are dreamers.

“Joe Dever is a world class fantasy author. His Lone Wolf series of gamebooks have long been and international success and have earned him a rightful place as one of Britain’s most imaginative fiction writers”, said Baccalario. “But he is also a wonderful game designer with several bestselling computer games to his credit. We are honored and excited to be working with him and Forge Reply on this new Lone Wolf story, especially as it will be told in a truly innovative way. We are confident that old and new fans of Lone Wolf will be thrilled by what we are creating here.”

“The pre-production phase of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is now complete, and we’re very much looking forward to showing the public the fruits of our labours at the Lucca Comics and Games Show. I’m confident that they will be impressed by our ‘Next Generation’ approach to interactive fantasy fiction.” – Forge Reply

“I am very happy to be working with Forge Reply on this exciting new Lone Wolf project. The development team grew up reading my Lone Wolf adventure gamebooks. They are all devoted fans of the creatures, the characters, and the many stories I have written about Lone Wolf and the world of Magnamund. It is a genuine delight for me to be working with such a talented team that understand and share my original vision.” – Joe Dever

Source: Atlantyca Lab