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Astro Knights Get Feature & TV Series

Galleon Holdings plc has signed a deal with Swedish-based Jaguar Media Productions SA to produce a CGI feature film and 260-episode television series based on Galleons ASTRO KNIGHTS property. Jaguar will fully fund the approximately $12 million price-tag for both projects. As a result of the agreement, a new company, Astro Knights 2003 Ltd will be formed to manage the production and licensing. Revenues will be split 80/20 in favor of Jaguar.

Ove Gustafson, ceo of Jaguar, said, "We are delighted to have signed the agreement for ASTRO KNIGHTS, a property which we perceive to have substantial worldwide potential. We will be launching a totally coordinated package, including the movie, the television series, DVD, video, videogames and a full merchandising program. In anticipation of a global rollout in 2005, there is already support from leading retailers and other major companies in the Nordic territories. I believe a multi-platform launch, such as this, represents a 'first' in the history of children's entertainment."

Jim Driscoll, chairman of Galleon, said, "We have been negotiating with Jaguar for six months to bring ASTRO KNIGHTS to the market. The contract with Jaguar allows us to move forward with a fully-funded production eliminating any further fund-raising requirement or risk to Galleon. Through the new joint venture vehicle, Astro Knights 2003 Ltd, we shall remain closely involved with the production and marketing of the property, to ensure it realizes its full potential."

ASTRO KNIGHTS follows a team of skilled young students at Space Academy on the first major Moonbase, who help save Earth using awesome alien technology. Ex-Disney producer Chris Henderson serves as the consultant on the project. Targeted for ages 8-12, the film and television series will premiere at MIP-TV in April 2004 before its general release in Autumn 2004.

Galleon Holdings is a content provider across platforms in multimedia broadcast and interactive software. It owns companies with intellectual property rights in software, animation and new media. For more information visit

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