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ASTERISK* Animation Arrives In Australia

Phillip Bowman and Malcolm McGookin have formed a new animation house in Brisbane, Australia called ASTERISK* Animation. Bowman will serve as executive producer and McGookin as producer and director. Bowman has vast experience in both live-action production and animated television series. His credits include ABC network's LIZZIE'S LIBRARY and KITU AND WOOF. McGookin first started his animation career on the Cosgrove Hall shows COUNT DUCKULA and DANGERMOUSE. Afterwards, McGookin moved on to writing and directing AVENGER PENGUINS and TABALUGA in the U.K and Australia. ASTERISK* Animation will combine the creation of their own in-house concepts with the pursuit and development of existing properties for the international market. For more information contact ASTERISK* Animation at PMB 333/58 High Street Toowong, QLD 4066, Brisbane, Australia; E-mail:; or Tel: (617) 3822 1821.

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