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Assistant Animator Kimie Calvert Dies

Assistant animator Kimie Calvert, the wife of director and producer Fred Calvert, has passed away. The Animation Guild Local 839 just reported her passing, which was on Dec. 23, 2005.

With a career spanning from 1956 until 2003, Calvert worked for Filmfair, Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Fred Calvert, Rich Animation, Baer Animation, Warner Bros., Amblimation, Hyperion and Calvert-Cobbler.

She was an animator for the Disney feature THE TIGGER MOVIE (2000).

With her husband, she created the animated TV series I AM THE GREATEST: THE ADVENTURES OF MUHAMMAD ALI, which ran on NBC in 1977. She also did animation, art direction and storyboards for the 13-episode series, which starred the first athlete to have his own cartoon show in the U.S.

She was also an animator for the 1969 remake of the TV series WINKY DINK AND YOU!, which was produced by her husband. Her other credits include character designer on the 1979 show SCOOBY-DOO AND SCRAPPY-DOO and character clean-up artist for HAPPILY EVER AFTER: FAIRY TALES FOR EVERY CHILD (1995).

Calvert is survived by her husband.

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