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Aspyr Media Says Build It in Space

Building on the idea behind the wildly popular SIMS' series, Aspyr Media is shipping SPACE COLONY for the Mac, which was developed by Trihedron LLC. SPACE COLONY adds a new dimension to people simulation and building strategy games.

The player must create a successful space colony by harvesting space resources and fend off manic aliens, as well as baby-sit a team of outer space misfits.

Players lead dysfunctional crews through a series of unique missions to build a functioning space colony. Colonies begin very simply, with bio-domes, food synthesizers, ATM machines that dispense workers' paychecks, recreation facilities or maintenance tools. As players move through the 24 levels, missions grow increasingly difficult. Challenges include defending stations from any number of crazed aliens, opening up tourist destinations to make a colony profitable and keeping a crew under control so that they don't kill each another.

Each of the 20 characters in SPACE COLONY has a unique personality with different needs and attention. Ignore them and they'll pick fights, argue, get depressed, and eventually go crazy. Nurture them and they will work hard, become friends and maybe even fall in love. Situations lead to interesting management decisions when selecting crewmembers for each mission. Take for example, Billy Bob Perkins, a quiet and gentle soul, always eager to lend a hand, but who requires very detailed and simple directions for tasks due to his limited mental capacity. Juggling the level of production while keeping crewmembers happy proves to be the most critical element of SPACE COLONY.

The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and is available for preorder at for $29.99.

Trihedron LLC, founded in 2001 by Nate Trost, develops software on console, computer and embedded systems. Trihedron, located in Southern California near Los Angeles, offers high-quality engineering services to interactive entertainment firms.

Based in Austin, Texas, Aspyr Media Inc. is a leading publisher of Macintosh interactive entertainment software and services. More information on Aspyr and its line of products can be found on the Internet at