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ASIFA-San Francisco’s First Animation Book Fair

May 30, 2001. San Francisco, California USA

ASIFA-San Francisco will be hosting its first animation book fair at the Exploratorium's McBean theater. Speakers include: Ed Hooks, author of ACTING FOR ANIMATORS, and Nik Phelps, creator of the new CD FETCH. Plus, a live performance with Will Ryan and Diane Michelle in literature's great love scenes including THE DAY ELMO AARDVARK MET VA VA LA VOOM! and a brief demonstration of ukulele astonishment! Meet other authors and artists among the luminaries on hand -- Michaela Pavlatova, creator of FOREVER AND FOREVER; Nina Paley creator of FETCH; Russell Merritt, author of WALT IN WONDERLAND; Karl Cohen, author of FORBIDDEN ANIMATION; Arnaldo Laboy, creator of THE ADVENTURES OF POYI AND UBO; and Chris Lanier, author/illustrator of the graphic novel COMBUSTION -- who will be present to talk about their work and autograph books and artwork. The event is free and the general public is invited. For more information contact Karl Cohen: