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ASIFA-Colorado Best Of Ottawa Screening

On January 19, 2001, ASIFA International will announce a joint venture with the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design to host a new chapter of ASIFA in Denver, Colorado, USA. The announcement will be made at the college in Denver during a special screening of "The Best of Ottawa '00," featuring award winners from the 2000 Ottawa animation festival. The collection, hosted by Chris Robinson, executive director of the Ottawa International Film Festival, encompasses a wide array of techniques and subjects by some of animation's leading figures. It includes: "Angry Kid," Darren Walsh, UK; "Ring Of Fire," Andreas Hykade, Germany; "Father And Daughter," Michael Dudok de Wit, UK/Netherlands; "Drawn From Life," Paul Fierlinger, USA; "The Hat," Michele Cournoyer, Canada; "The Periwig Maker," Stefan Schaeffler, UK/Germany; "Subida," Kunyi Chen, UK; "Flying Nansen," Igor Kovalyov, USA; "Fishing," David Gainey, USA; "The Boy Who Saw The Iceberg," Paul Driessen, Canada; and "Romanov," Chris Lanier, USA. For more information, call Edward Bakst at (800) 888-ARTS; or fax (303) 694-2314; or email