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Ascension Previews ReActor At GDC

Ascension Technology Corporation will preview their new infrared active-optical motion-capture system, the Ascension ReActor, at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose this month. The ReActor delivers extremely smooth, real-time optical data for a broad range of animation applications at less than half the price of existing systems. ReActor captures the motions of an untethered performer free to spin, kick or jump in a capture area delineated by modular snap-together bars. Embedded in the bars are IR detectors and electronics for automatic marker recognition and data transfer to the ReActor workstation. Since a significant amount of signal processing is carried out by these electronics and the workstation, ReActor's data is extremely clean. Little or no post-processing is needed. The performer wears a lightweight motion suit fitted with active IR markers connected to a belt pack. As the performer moves, automatic marker recognition instantly allows ReActor to reacquire markers that are momentarily blocked, thereby minimizing lost data and increasing data quality. The system sets up in minutes and requires no calibration. Offering ultra clean optical quality data and freedom of movement, the ReActor is ideal for independent game developers and small to mid-size animation production houses. Ascension Technology will display ReActor in their GDC booth (#1530) at the San Jose Exhibition Center, March 20-24.

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