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Artbeats Releases Lifestyles

Designed for those who produce commercials, music videos, industrial

projects and similar broadcast pieces, 'Lifestyles - Mixed Cuts' is a stock

CD which is packed full of video clips of people. The royalty free

collection of video snippets includes the faces of adults and children,

plus a wide variety of situations including a birthday party, a mother and

daughter out for a walk, professionals in a board room and even a transient

walking along train tracks. The uses are endless. Commercials and music

videos are obvious, but for the visual effects professional who feels the

need for a challenge, the shots can be used in compositing and other

effects sequences. The animator could use the footage as reference for

various moods and actions. The footage was originally shot on 35mm with the

purpose of making the content as generic as possible; one can use the same

clip for a health insurance commercial and a music video with a little

imagination. The CD is priced at $499.00 and is a worthwhile addition to

any video/animation professional's library.

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Rick DeMott
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