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ART Ships RenderPipe

Advanced Rendering Technology (ART) is shipping its new RenderPipe plug-in for Maya, which offers a seamless interface between RenderDrive and Maya. The plug-in provides Maya users with tightly integrated control and access to RenderDrive's powerful rendering features -- including ultra-fast ray tracing, area lights, depth of field and physically accurate materials libraries -- all from within their Maya application. The new interface, shipping with RenderDrive, supports Maya on Windows NT, IRIX, Linux and Mac OSX, when Maya for the Mac is available. The new RenderPipe for Maya plug-in is the latest addition to the companys line of RenderDrive interfaces designed for industry-leading 3D applications, including 3ds max, 3D Studio VIZ, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and any RenderMan compliant application. For more information visit