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Art Institute of Phoenix is looking for Computer Animation Instructors

The school is looking for COMPUTER ANIMATION INSTRUCTORS to teach courses in the Computer Animation Bachelor Degree Program. ...

The Art Institute of Phoenix is an accredited degree-granting institutiondedicated to excellence in education, training students for art-relatedcareers in the fields of Computer Animation, Computer Game Art & Design,Graphic Design, MultiMedia, Video Production, Web Site Design andAdministration, Interior Design, and Culinary Arts. The school is lookingfor COMPUTER ANIMATION INSTRUCTORS to teach courses in the ComputerAnimation Bachelor Degree Program. Full and Part-Time positions areavailable beginning Winter quarter (January 2000) Qualifications: BachelorDegree with industry related experience required. Master Degree preferred.Applicants must have practical experience with 3D computer applicationslike 3D Studio Max, Softimage, PhotoShop, and Adobe Aftereffects; workingknowledge of the principals of Animation; excellent communication andpresentation skills; strong interpersonal skills; and dedication toproviding quality instruction to students.

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