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The Art of Disney Storybooks exhibit begins

* "The Art of Disney Storybooks" Exhibit, New York, New York, USA. November13 - December 23, 1999.

The Gifted Images Gallery, located in Rockville Centre, will host the exhibit. "The Art of Disney Storybooks," is a collaboration between Walt Disney Art Classics and Disney Publishing. The exhibit features reproducedartwork from various storybook adaptations of Disney's most beloved films.Included in the exhibition is "An enchanting dress," from CINDERELLA and"Magic mirror on the wall" from SNOW WHITE. Appearing at the premiere eventthis Saturday, November 13th, will be Gil Dicicco, an internationallyrenowned illustrator, who has adapted many of Disney's classics for storybooks. He also worked at the Disney studio, as Art Director for THE GREATMOUSE DETECTIVE. At the premiere event, Mr. Dicicco will host a Q&A sessionand sketch and illustrate for the audience.

Contact info:Gifted ImagesTel.: (516) 536-6886.

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