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The Art Department Offers 4-Week Seminars with Marshall Vandruff

Online art school The Art Department offers four-week picture making seminars taught by acclaimed illustrator Marshall Vandruff. 

Online art school The Art Department (TAD) is now offering four-week picture making seminars taught by acclaimed illustrator Marshall Vandruff.

A freelance illustrator since 1980, Marshall Vandruff has worked on projects for publications such as MAD Magazine, Warner Bros., Dark Horse Comics, ImagineFX, and a number of other high-profile organizations.

The seminars include Perspective, Human & Animal Anatomy, Composition & Color, and Visual Storytelling. Each seminar is held once a week for a three-hour session.

Available Seminars:

Linear Perspective
Instructor: Marshall Vandruff
Monday Evenings, 5:00-8:00PM CST
Linear Perspective is the centuries-old technique for making anything appear three-dimensional, from buildings and boxes to organic forms.  We will study the skills that master artists have used for 600 years to solve drawing problems: using lines on a flat surface to create the illusion of a deep world.

Anatomy, Human and Animal
Instructor: Marshall Vandruff
Tuesday Evenings, 5:00-8:00PM CST
This seminar offers an overview of the bones and muscles to understand how they affect the forms of human and animal bodies.  If you've ever wondered how masters of drawing invent humans and animals without copying photographs, this seminar will teach you how to create from the inside out.

Composition & Color
Instructor: Marshall Vandruff
Wednesday Evenings, 5:00-8:00PM CST
This seminar teaches you how master artists use the basic elements of design to evoke feeling through their work.  We study how great masters make decisions as they create images, arranging tones and color into rhythms and patterns that engage a viewer, and we apply the principles to our own work.

Visual Storytelling
Instructor: Marshall Vandruff
Thursday Evenings, 5:00-8:00PM CST
Visual Storytelling is the study of how master storytellers make a character interesting, a story worth telling, and a sequence of images emotionally powerful.  This seminar is for anyone who tells stories with pictures, whether you are designing shots for a film, pages for a children's book, or panels for a graphic novel.

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Source: The Art Department

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