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ArsenalFX Turns Up the Volume for RadioShack

ArsenalFX turns up the volume in a 30-second ad, #UWANTIT, for Beats Pill by Dr. Dre for RadioShack.


Santa Monica, CA -- ArsenalFX turned up the volume with director Diane Martel to feature the latest trend in portable premium sound at RadioShack in the :30 #UWANTIT for Beats Pill by Dr. Dre, direct to client.  The spot features R&B singer/songwriter Robin Thicke as well as model Emily Ratajkowski and a group of sporty spandex-clad beauties rocking a workout routine and an appreciation for sound with a little attitude. The group asks how bad #UWantIt as they break a sweat to the fresh beats of The Beats Pill as it blares out Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” feat. T.I. & Pharrell.

#UWANTIT opens to a young brunette with cherry red lips in a hue matching the Beats Pill that she holds up next to her vibrant smile. “#BEATSPILL” slides across the screen in bold letters as three women in skin tight athletic gear move to the opening tune. Robin Thicke makes the Pill look cool and sexy as he stands against the back wall sporting a classic black suit and aviators. The ladies hit the gym as they are seen working their arms up and down with a Beats Pill in each hand as Robin Thicke belts out, “I know you want it, You’re a good girl”.  As the scene switches, the girls are featured in white nurses costumes. They continue to dance as they display the Beats Pills on a metal hospital tray. The camera pans to the brunette on all fours with a red Beats Pill resting on the arch of her back. The final cut features a large Beats Pill resting on the ground with the super, “BEATS PILL Available At RadioShack. #UWANTIT.” The spot closes with a women’s hand reaches down and snatches up the pill as the song trails off to a close.

Source: ArsenalFX

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