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Armaverse Introduces New Stop-Motion Armature Kits

Armaverse Armatures has unveiled its new line of Phase 3 stop-motion animation armature kits and parts. Dubbed "Humature" by Armaverse, the six-inch human armature is 100% stainless-steel and allows for smaller sets, lighter characters and easier animation. A revamped head support closely follows human form and makes a convenient base for replacement animation. According to the manufacturer, the precise human proportions of the Phase 3 Humature give completed characters extremely realistic movement with correct 90-degree articulation at the knee and ankle joints. In addition, the "sandwiched-plate" design provides tension isolation, allowing animators to adjust individual joint tension on either end of a single limb throughout the entire character. The introduction of Phase 3 has been accompanied by a completely revamped Website filled with examples of characters and creations one can build with Armaverse parts, including elephants, grasshoppers, spiders, letters, humans from 3.75 inches to 13 inches and more. To learn more, visit