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Arena Animation Announces AAASP 2007

Arena Animation, one of India's largest animation and multimedia training institutions, announced the launch of the brand new version of its 2 1/2 year high-end animation-training course, the Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program 2007 (AAASP 2007).

The course is modeled around the needs of the industry with each semester having an integrated project to give the students an exposure to the practical application of tools and software.

The key features of AAASP 2007 are inclusion of modules like concepts of rigging & character animation with motion builder; stress on concept based modules like anatomy study, concepts of illustration, sketching practices, concepts of 2D & 3D animation; concepts of storyboarding; latest versions of software; and focus on orienting students to face creative tests to enhance their employability and job readiness.

R. Krishnan, global head, arena animation, said, "The AAASP 2007 program is targeted to train students in the latest industry relevant courses. The objective of this program is to produce full-fledged animation professionals who are completely at ease with their skills and can confidently create a rewarding career for themselves. Arena's intensive course curriculum and experiential training is designed to give every student the competitive edge in the world of animation. Arena Animation offers students programs and specializations which empower them to make a great career in this new age industry."

At the end of the program, the student will be equipped with skills such as visualization of illustrations, imagery, creating digital graphics, editing and optimizing of graphics, storyboarding, develop streaming audio, record and edit audio files, create video content, produce streaming video for the Web, create 2D animation, develop high end 3D animation with special effects and rigging, as well as create portfolios to demonstrate each of these skills.

Throughout the course, the students are contributing to develop their own portfolio. Each student will work toward the development of a semester portfolio. The portfolio will contain a presentable collection of their work related to the semester. This portfolio is a requirement for successful completion of the final Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program course.

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