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Area 51 Films & R!Ot Team On Michelob Light Campaign

Director John Adams of Area 51 Films and effects house R!OT have teamed on two new spots for Michelob Light. The ads were conceived by the Chicago creative services and marketing agency Leapnet. The first spot features a young man who makes a wrong turn on the path to romance. The second, more technically challenging spot, features a bottle of beer as a skyscraper. Adams worked with Leapnet's creative team and visual effects artists from R!OT in designing the final scene. The image is an entirely artificial creation composed of 3D elements and a detailed digital matte painting. "We all worked together in picking the particular buildings and designing the shot," said Adams. "They let me add alot of little details, such as a helicopter, an elevator traveling up the side of a crane and lights flashing on top of the building. I wanted to make it look real and have a lot of production value." Area 51 Films crew consisted of Adams, director; Mark Thomas, executive producer; James Burnett, producer; John Gomez, production manager; and Simon Mestel, director of photography. R!OT crew included Michelle Moen, matte artist and Sandra Germaine, 3D animator.

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