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Archie on Pax TV

DIC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Disney, has sold two new animated seriesto Pax TV, a new family-oriented network in the US. "Archie's WeirdMysteries" and "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" will appear this Fallas part of the weekday "Pax Power Mystery Hour." "Archie's WeirdMysteries," a co-production with M6 France, is based on the long runningArchie comics series. In the series, a lab experiement goes awry, creatingsuch characters as a 50-foot Veronica, and Dr. Jughead and Mr. Hyde."Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century," a co-production with ScottishTelevision, brings the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective to the 22nd centurywhere he is assisted by a robot Dr. Watson and battles the clone of hisarch nemesis Prof. Moriarty. Both series will be produced by DIC presidentand CEO Andy Heyward, DIC executive vp creative affairs Robby London, andDIC executive vp development Mike Maliani.