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App Store Games From Gameloft Announced

Gameloft has announced six games now available on the Apple App Store, which launched today. Games that are available include top sellers such as BRAIN CHALLENGE, BUBBLE BASH, CHESS & BACKGAMMON CLASSICS, PLATINUM SOLITAIRE, PLATINUM SUDOKU, and DIAMOND TWISTER.

Each title capitalizes on iPhone’s distinctive gaming features and offers a unique set of original characteristics and gameplay, utilizing the accelerometer, touch screen and showcases enhanced graphics for the large iPhone screen.

Games include:

BRAIN CHALLENGE -- More than just a game, it is an entertaining and easy solution for keeping your brain alert. Use the touch screen features to select the correct answers. Arrange cubes by gravity in an additional mini-game exclusive to iPhone.

BUBBLE BASH -- Have a blast tossing multi-colored bubbles into the sky to pop three or more bubbles of the same color. Aim with your finger to fire into the cluster before it drops and time runs out. In a special control mode that uses the accelerometer, the bubble launchers stand on a wheeled board which rolls all along the screen when tilting your iPhone

CHESS & BACKGAMMON CLASSICS -- Chess and Backgammon are two of the oldest and most popular board games of all time, and both are now available in a single game. Move the pawns with the tip of your fingers, as you would do in real life, and shake the iPhone to throw the dice at Backgammon or choose the portrait or landscape orientation of the chessboard.

DIAMOND TWISTER -- This dazzling game takes new twist on the most popular genre of gem-matching puzzle. Not only can you slide your finger directly on the screen to make the gems move, but the game also features an innovative rotating gameplay. By simply rotating your iPhone, motion-sensor enables you to actually choose from which side diamonds should fall.

PLATINUM SOLITAIRE -- The latest adaptation of the famous card game, set in the trendiest casino environments. Bonus features include five new games exclusive to iPhone. Move all your cards with your finger for the easiest card control and shake your phone to shuffle the cards.

PLATINUM SUDOKU -- Leave the messy pen and newspaper behind and play one of 20 million Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles anywhere. Draw numbers on-screen with your finger and play either in landscape or portrait mode, by simply turning your iPhone.

DIAMOND TWISTER, PLATINUM SUDOKU, PLATINUM SOLITAIRE and BUBBLE BASH will be available for $7.99 while BRAIN CHALLENGE and CHESS & BACKGAMMON CLASSICS will be priced at $9.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at