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AOL Time Warner Combines TV Groups

In yet another consolidation move, AOL Time Warner has combined all of its TV operations under one roof. As a result, the WB Network's CEO Jamie Kellner will become the new CEO and chairman of an expanded Turner Broadcasting. He will oversee the WB, TBS, TNT, CNN and Cartoon Network. He replaces Terence McGuirk, who will continue as vice chairman and will assist Kellner in his transition. Kellner will relocate to Atlanta. What does this move have in store for animation? Kellner said, "We could look at the kids arena immediately and get the WB kids sales force and Turner kids sales force and join them at the hip. There are a lot of places where we can share programming and promotions at the two kids networks." Any sweeping changes due to the move probably won't hit Cartoon Network that hard, because the network has grown its ratings in the past few years while the other Turner channels have slipped.

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