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Antonio Banderas Seeks Animated Alliance in Spain

Antonio Banderas' production company Green Moon Producciones is exploring the possibility of partnering with Spanish animation studio Kandor Graphics, according to VARIETY. The partnership would not be for a single film, but a longer-term production relationship, according to Antonio Meliveo, producer at Green Moon, who also added that they hoped to close a deal by the fall. Green Moon Producciones is based out of Malaga, while Kandor is located in Granada.

Kandor partners Manuel Sicilia and Raul Garcia are the directors of the animated adventure feature THE MISSING LYNX, which is produced by Kandor, Ricky Posner's YaYa! Films and Manuel Cristobal's Perro Verde and sold internationally by 6 Sales. An alliance with Green Moon could include co-production on this feature and others, with Banderas possibly lending his voice to them as he has for Puss in Boots in SHREK 2 and SHREK THE THIRD.

Garcia's past credits include being a former Pixar/Disney/DreamWorks animator. Banderas' interest in the partnership came after viewing some of the footage of the half-completed THE MISSING LYNX. Banderas' passion for animation and his drive to support rising film talent in his native land of Andalucia appears to play a role as well.