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Antics Pre-Viz Now Ships

Antics has started shipping Antics Pre-Viz, its previs product designed specifically for live-action production teams for $995/£570/675.

Mark Burton, Antics, vp sales & marketing, explains, Pre-visualisation can offer substantial savings in production costs, as well providing an invaluable visual aid for all those involved in the initial planning stage of the creative process. With todays increasing time and budget constraints, concepts and plans must be brought to life quickly and realistically or the process is just not worthwhile. In Antics Pre-Viz we have a production planning tool that does just that, at a very affordable price.

Antics Pre-Viz is one of the first software applications to enable members of a production team to create and manage previs of projects in an animated, realtime environment. An intuitive tool set and logical workflow allow rapid set assembly and layout, easy camera set-up and configuration as well as the creation of intelligent characters, shots and whole scenes, which are stored as animated storyboards, and can be cut together and output as AVI movies. The ability to work in a realtime environment using point and click, or simple action commands given to intelligent characters that can navigate and interact with their environment, makes Antics Pre-Viz a truly interactive and creatively efficient process.

Antics ( is a U.K. company with headquarters in Cambridge, England. It is a pioneer in the field of realtime intelligent 3D animation technology, which it uses to develop products that bring characters and worlds to life quickly and easily.