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Antics Now Works With Google SketchUp

Antics Technologies has released V3.1 of its real-time animation software, giving users the opportunity to import models and images from the Google 3D Warehouse and Google Earth. Now anyone with an interest in animation can boost their Antics projects by importing models ranging from Wembley Stadium and the Oval Office to Star Wars X-Wing Fighters and naval destroyers.

See a video demonstration at

Antics V3.1 is a simple but powerful tool that can be used either at home, to produce 3D animated clips for fun, or by professional creatives to visualize scenes and bring their script ideas to life. The software's intelligent props and characters take many of the complicated calculations out of animation, so a simple point and click action will move a character from A to B in a single command making animation accessible to everyone.

In addition to the thousands of free and premium items already available to all Antics users, animation enthusiasts can now access accurately scaled, real-world buildings and textured architectural landmarks from the Google 3D Warehouse, as well as sophisticated images from Google Earth. Users then have the option to make their scenes 'intelligent' by introducing Antics characters and adding animation effects to the imported models.

Alastair Woolley, Managing Director of Antics Technologies, commented on the potential of Google SketchUp for Antics users: "Antics is a highly accessible tool that can be used by anyone with a passion for animation to create scenes and stories with sophisticated camera choreography. By adding Google SketchUp, our users can now have an even greater animation experience. Antics enables users to bring Google SketchUp models to life by adding moving characters and objects into their scenes, making this a truly compelling 3D animation workflow."

Other enhancements in Antics V3.1 include improved walk sequences for characters and a new tab in the Antics Resource Centre, which gives users direct access to the Antics Content Warehouse.

Beyond the content library that comes packaged with BasePack, Antics is making it easier to access all the other free content available to V3.1 BasePack users by bundling it into a single download in the Antics Content Warehouse.

As well as the fully functional, free BasePack version of the latest Antics software, a ProPack version, which includes free access to all Premium content and enhanced support and delivery options, is available for a limited 2 week period at a promotional price of $295 (Retail price: $595). This offer ends Friday May 2, 2008.