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Antics Brings 3D Animation Tools To the Masses

Antics Technologies released Tuesday new premium content for users of Antics V3 BasePack, the recently-released free version of Antics' core 3D animation software.

Antics is a leading provider of real-time, point-and-click 3D animation software.

The free V3 BasePack, the entry-level option to the Antics product family, features increased functionality, enhanced ease of use and improves users' ability to import 3D content.

With similar functionality to the professional Antics V3 ProPack version, the free version means creative individuals can use a professional-grade software tool to create quality animations on a limited budget.

The new paid content is available as 53 individual premium content packs and themes range from the Wild West sets to Pirate characters and Animal packs.

The new releases mean that Antics' online content warehouse now includes a comprehensive selection of interactive characters, interactive props, sounds, sets and terrains, and brings 3,000 free and premium individual assets available to Antics' users.

All Antics content is available at

Based on gaming technology, Antics' intelligent real-time system offers a new and innovative approach to 3D animation, allowing for very short production times and high levels of usability compared to traditional animation techniques.

Antics' products are designed for everyone, those new to 3D or experienced animators alike, and enable the creation of character-rich stories for a range of applications: from 3D animation production/machinima and hobbyist animation to professional entertainment animated storyboarding, pre-visualization, and pitching.