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Annecy Plus 3 Details Announced

This year ANNECY PLUS 3 moves to a new home at Le Venitien Bar and Lounge on the Square de l' Eveche, less than 500 meters from the Bonlieu. The screening will take place on June 15, 2007, with music and films starting at dusk.

Bill Plympton, mastermind of Annecy Plus, will not be at the festival this year, since he is hard at work on his new feature-length film, IDIOTS & ANGELS, but he has entrusted the preparation and programming to Nancy Denney-Phelps, producer of music for animation, journalist and member of the ASIFA International Board. Denney-Phelps has promised an evening packed full of fabulous animation from the absurd to the sublime, with something to delight everyone.

The evening will open with a special welcome recorded by Plympton at his New York studio and end with his new short film SHUT EYE HOTEL, which Plympton says, "will do for sleeping what jaws did to swimming."

In between attendees will take a ride on an airplane with a stewardess trying to satisfy a group of cranky passengers in Finish animator Ami Lindholm's THE IRRESISTIBLE SMILE, get the feminine point of view on sex from Signe Baumane in her highly acclaimed TEAT BEAT OF SEX and be treated to a new segment of Nina Paley's work in progress feature-length animation, SITA SINGS THE BLUES. Father/daughter Serbian animators Rastko Ciric and Iva Ciric will be screening their films METAMORPH and PRINCESS ON THE WALL, respectively as well.

Back for their third year at Annecy Plus, Nik Phelps and the Annecy Sprocket Ensemble Band (Nik on reeds, Rolf Bächler on drums, and Jesper Fleng playing guitar) will entertain the crowd before the show and during the intermission. Once again, this year, Jonas Raeber of Swamp Film Studio in Lucerne, Switzerland, will provide high quality projection and animator Jordie Doubt from Berne, Switzerland, has created the graphics and program. Stephane Vernay, owner of the events and communication firm Sunset Evenements (Sunset Events) in Annecy, arranged the new location and aided in setting up the event.

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