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AniVision Transports Net Players Into College Football Games

AniVision Inc. has signed a licensing deal with the U.S. college footballs Southeastern Conference (SEC) to transport online game players into key plays from the 2000 season. Under the 5-year pact, AniVision will recreate SEC games and place gamers within the action to view replays on-demand, analyze players performance or insert themselves into key plays. The alliance marks the first use of AniVisions 3D-animation technology for real-sports recreation. AniVision CEO, Bobby Wells, commented, "SEC AniVision Football is a premier example of how our technology can be used to create an entirely new interactive experience for sports fans. The launch of SEC AniVision Football establishes AniVision as the technology and business leader in the convergence of on-line event viewing and video games. Nowhere else can you see the real play and then make the play yourself." The online game will be available at and

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