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Animo Linked with Plastic Animation Paper

Cambridge Animation Systems has announced that the forthcoming Animo version 6.0 software will feature compatibility with Plastic Animation Paper (PAP), the acclaimed tablet-based animation application from Krogh Mortensen Animation (KMA) of Copenhagen, Denmark. The links from PAP into Animo covers all stages of the 2D animation process from drawing to output. Animo 6.0 is scheduled for release in spring 2004.

Animo 6.0 allows PAP animations to be included in Animo through two different methods:* A PAP file can be automatically converted into an Animo level file, which can then be processed, painted and composited just like a traditional scanned level.* PAP files can be brought directly into Director (Animo's graph-based compositor) using the new PAP Node, where they can be re-timed, re-colored and have special effects applied.

"The partnership with PAP meets a long-standing desire to give Animo users an alternative to the traditional pencil, paper and scanner. PAP gives wonderfully clean, accurate drawings which feed perfectly into Animo's ink-and-paint and compositing workflow," says Naomi English, global sales manager at Cambridge Animation Systems.

"With this new relationship, we are very proud to be associated with Animo and Cambridge Animation Systems," said Niels Krogh Mortensen, ceo of KMA. "Our two applications complement each other perfectly, and this will help both systems and help many animators around the world. Animo has, in my mind, always been the best complete 2D animation system. However, when we started developing PAP we wanted to take a completely different approach by focusing solely on the animation process itself. We designed our system so you draw directly to the screen using a drawing tablet, making the animation process much more efficient and with focus on animation quality and character performance."

Cambridge Animation Systems Ltd. ( has been pioneering the development of cartoon animation software since its foundation in 1990. It worked in partnership with Hollywood studios Warner Bros. and DreamWorks to develop Animo into a world-class animation production suite with the highest levels of functionality and feature-film quality.

Krogh Mortensen Animation a/s (KMA) ( is a small animation studio that produces commercials, films and computer animation for games. KMA also develops its own software and has been developing PAP since the birth of the company in 1997.

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