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Animo 4.1 Provides New Support For 3d Animation

Cambridge Animation Systems has released Animo 4.1, a new version of its animation software featuring improved support for 3D data within the company's Scene III module for Director. According to the manufacturer, the new Scene III in Animo 4.1 enables animators to apply a consistent cartoon look to an entire scene that contains both 2D elements created in Animo and 3D models created in Maya or 3D Studio Max software. Users can make changes in the individual elements of the 3D model, such as translation, scaling and rotation of 3D model data, and add lights and cameras without having to go back to Maya or 3D Studio Max. 3D elements can be attached to a camera in Animo Director's scene graph, where they are displayed with Animo 2D images. Animo effects and filters can be attached to 3D elements in the same way they are in a 2D environment. Scene III also allows users to export 2D elements to a 3D scene as image planes. Final 2D and 3D composited scenes from Scene III are rendered in traditional cartoon style. Users are able to view and edit Inkworks cartoon materials within Scene III, completing an integrated work loop. Animo 4.1 is available for Windows 2000, Windows NT and Mac OS X.