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Anime Network Gets Robotic Boost from Illumitoon

Adding a healthy dose of sci-fi and adventure to its popular lineup, Anime Network has licensed two new series from Illumitoon Ent. The mecha robot-filled series B'TX and AM DRIVER are set to premiere on VOD on September 6 and September 9, respectively.

"We are delighted to be partnered with the Anime Network, as they have consistently delivered top-tier anime for the fans and are readily identified as a leader in anime content," said Barry Watson, CEO of Illumitoon. "We were very happy to add B'TX and AM DRIVER to the channel's lineup, and we know that anime fans will be equally pleased."

B'TX follows the adventures of Teppei, whose plans to reunite with his scientist brother Kotaro are shattered when Kotaro is kidnapped during a conference. While searching for his brother, Teppei encounters a broken mechanical insectoid-like weapon called B'tx, which comes to life as a result of contact with Teppei's blood. Oddly, the unlikely pair develops a brotherly bond and end up on a quest to save Kotaro.

In AM DRIVER, a young group of warriors, known as AM Drivers, battle a dominating empire of machines. In this chilling future, human beings are attacked by creatures called the Bug-chine, which cannot be defeated by normal human weapons. The only hope: AM Drivers, using the latest "AM technology" to try to save the earth.

"These two series really capture the essence of classic mecha anime, as both are loaded with action, robots and sci-fi twists," said Stacy Dodson, Director of Programming and Operations for Anime Network. "They will make a great complement to Anime Network's VOD schedule, and we're pleased to work with Illumitoon in bringing them to our viewers."