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AniMazSpot Issues Call for Entries

AniMazSpot 2013/14 announces its Call for Entries beginning on January 1, 2013, along with the appointment of Festival Director Jim Keeshen.

Jim Keeshen

AniMazSpot 2013/14 announced its Call for Entries beginning on January 1, 2013. Their new bi-annual format allows more time for independent filmmakers to get their animated shorts submitted. There is no pre-selection process, all entries are accepted and given feedback by the AniMazSpot international animation panel.

Early entries will have an extra bonus of two chances to have their shorts shown in Los Angeles, first at a one day AniMazSpot event in 2013, and then again at the official week-long AniMazSpot 2014 Festival. More details can be found at, “submit.”

AniMazSpot also announced the appointment of new Festival Director/Entries, Jim Keeshen, who is now overseeing the most popular and unique part of the AniMazSpot festival, the international panel’s feedback on every submitted short. Keeshen has insider’s experience, having served on this illustrious AniMazSpot panel for most of its four year run, and is highly qualified, well beyond that, as an important part of the animation industry and animation education worlds.

Keeshen ‘s animation career goes back to creating animated segments for Sesame Street, and over the years he’s connected with some of animation’s greats; Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Ward Kimball, Tex Avery, Joe Grant, and many more. Once Keeshen formed his own company, he pioneered the first use of animatics for his advertising agency clients, developed the first 2D/3D characters and environments on the internet for Microsoft, produced the first online animated character for a children's food show for AOL, and he also directed and produced the pilot for Family Guy. Keeshen’s bio is even thicker, and on top of everything he’s a professor and the Chair of the Academy of Entertainment and Technology at Santa Monica College in California. 

The first Section of AniMazSpot’s 2013/14 season starts on Tuesday, January 1st, and ends on Monday, April 15, with four more Sections, the final one ending on Monday, July, 14, 2014, Bastille Day in France. All entries are accepted and every entry receives comments from the AniMazSpot international jury panel. To submit a short visit, click “submit” on the navigation bar.

Source: AniMazSpot

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