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AniMazSpot 2012 Announces Second Quarter Winners

Michael Cawood and Michaela Copikova have been named as the second quarter winners for AniMazSpot 2012.

Press release from AniMazSpot:

The AniMazSpot 2012 Second Quarter entries were full of some very fine and interesting shorts, some extraordinary stretches in imagination and techniques, as well as well as quite a few stylish character and overall designs.  But, only the two highest scorers from each quarter can win, and those will go on to become two of the eight nominees for Best of Festival at the fourth annual festival from September 9 to 16. The top Best of Festival Winner will receive Larry Loc’s Bozu Bronze trophy. Other close runners-up will be nominated for various category awards.

ImageDust and Glitter

This Quarter, for the first time, AniMazSpot had a winner from Slovakia,Michaela Copikova, from Pietany, Slovakia, who entered her elegant“Dust and Glitter,” a bitter-sweet tale of city life, with aninteresting cast of characters in a beautifully designed environment. Longtime AniMazSpot panelist Frank Mouris commented, “Absolutelystunning!  Visually intriguing, perfectly soundtracked, subtlyinvolving. Pitch perfect.”

ImageDevils, Angels, and Dating

The second winner was from a Brit now living in Texas, Michael Cawood, from Austin, Texas.  His entry was “Devils, Angels, and Dating,” an allegorical clash between three heavenly powers. Dr. Jose Garcia Moreno, one of AniMazSpot’s newest panelists, enjoyed it: “Animation is exquisitely timed. Character design has a strong sense of unity. Story choices are unusual. Very entertaining.”

The 3rd Quarter of AniMazSpot 2012 is now open for entries, the deadline is April 23, 2012.  Find out more at, “submit a short.”

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