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Animator Shot By Police in Vancouver

A man shot by police in Vancouver was identified by friends as animator Paul Boyd, according to the CBC. On Monday, Aug. 13, 2007, Vancouver police responded to a 911 call at Granville and 16th Ave., where Boyd was shot after allegedly threatening officers with a potentially lethal weapon.

The Vancouver police department hadn't released the name of the man and have not commented on the investigation into the shooting. They are trying to collect disparate eyewitness reports and have been "frustrated" by witnesses who have spoken to the press without contacting the police. The CBC quoted one witness as saying that the police used "unnecessary force," while another said she didn't see Boyd assault the officers and described him as "fleeing" from the police when he was shot.

Boyd was a prominent animator in the Vancouver scene, having worked for International Rocketship, Vancouver Film School and Global Mechanic, among others. His credits include the FAR SIDE TV specials and AAARGH! IT'S THE MR. HELL SHOW, for which he received an Annie nomination.

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