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Animator Ronald "Gillie" Potter Dies

Ronald "Gillie" Potter, the man who revolutionized digital effects in U.K. advertising, passed away May 25, 2004, reports THE GUARDIAN. He was 80 years old. Potter invented the device of having live-action sequences taking place on a moving product shot. He was involved in the production of more than 2,000 ads, including classic commercials for Rolo, Vicks Vapour Rub, Quaker Oats, Nesquick and Shredded Wheat. His special effects work can also be seen in feature films such as THE LAST EMPEROR, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and JURASSIC PARK.

His commercial work started when he formed his own company, Gillie Potter Prods. in the mid 1950s. His work earned him more than 40 international awards, including a Golden Lion at the Cannes advertising film festival. He was made a fellow of the British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society in 1997.

He is survived by his two daughters and a son.

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