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Animator Ken Southworth Dies at 89

Ken Southworth, an industry veteran who animated at Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Walter Lantz, MGM, Hanna-Barbera, Clokey Prods. and Filmation, has died after suffering several strokes on Dec. 5th at his home in Anaheim. He was 89.

Southworth was born in Lancashire, England, but moved to the U.S. after receiving a scholarship to attend the Chicago Art Institute. In 1944, he started work at Disney. His credits include ALICE IN WONDERLAND, CINDERELLA and SLEEPY HOLLOW.

He later spent 21 years of his career animating for Hanna-Barbera, working on such shows as HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, THE FLINTSTONES, TOP CAT, JOHNNY QUEST, SWAT KATS, SCOOBY DOO, THE SMURFS, DINO BOY and SPACE GHOST.

After retiring, he began teaching, giving lessons at H-B, as well as the American Animation Institute, Glendale Animation Studios, the University of California in Fullerton, VanArts, the Art Institute of Southern California Laguna Beach and the Detroit Center for Creative Studies.

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