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Animation/Design/VFX Studio Gasket Launched

Award-winning digital artist Greg Shultz has launched Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Gasket to serve the commercial, music video and feature markets with a creative collective offering design, visual effects and 2D/3D animation.

"Our vision is to create idea-driven animation and visual effects that both tell a story and that are the story," explained Shultz. "This philosophy inspired the Gasket tagline: 'Think, Create, Propel.' We hope creatives, directors and producers will approach Gasket for enhancing their work as well as for concepting and selling their work to ultimately become their secret weapon."

Shultz began his career in the fine arts field, developing his craft of design and illustration. During college he simultaneously worked for a design company where he managed projects and clients. "This was great early training that gave me a taste for the business," noted Shultz. After graduation from Saint Olaf College and MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), he was chosen for a Saint Olaf Artist Apprenticeship, where he spent a year expanding his skill set in commercial design.

From there, he joined Crash & Sue's and within a year was a lead Flame artist for the company. During his successful seven-year tenure at Crash & Sue's, Shultz contributed to projects with clients Best Buy, Target, Kmart, Buell, BMW, Perkins, Great Clips, Gordmans, General Mills and agencies Peterson Milla Hooks, Kerker, Campbell Mithun, Swanson & Russell, Carmichael Lynch, Martin Williams, BBDO, Krukopf Coontz, Olson and Co. and Fallon.

Following his successful tenure there, Shultz co-founded the design firm Make and this experience laid the foundation for the development of artist-operated Gasket.

Gasket ( is comprised of a diverse group of artisans with talents ranging from cel animation to painting to video game design. Gasket includes next-generation artists Jiang "Jacky" Ke and Justin Greiner. Both Ke and Greiner hail from Shultz' alma mater MCAD, with which the Gasket founder has developed a unique internship and recruiting program. Tammy Kimbler Weber is Gasket's producer and brings a wealth of post-production and vfx experience to her role at the new company.

Gasket technology includes Autodesk Flame & Combustion, Apple G5 & PC workstations, with Maya, After Effects and Motion, as well as a host of other design applications. GASKET will be seamlessly integrated into sister company Hi-Wire's digital and high definition backbone, which includes fire, smoke, Spirit telecine with daVinci color corrector as well as complete sound and music capabilities as appropriate via sister company BrahmstedtWhiteNoise (BWN).

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